ICSC Registration

November 9 – 13, 2021

Use this link to download the “Competitors’ and Coaches Guide” for full information about each event, rules and eligibility.

The registration fee is $175 for each of two role-play competitors and $350 for the team of two sales management case competitors.  For additional students, the registration fee is $125.

Registration fees are due on receipt of invoice. Any school that has not paid by August 1st relinquishes participation in the Competition and will be replaced by a wait-listed school. Registration fees will not be reimbursed for cancellations within 30 days of the Competition.

Please make sure and read emails for further updates.

You will be notified when your profile is ready for additional information including names of competitors and additional attendees. Then log in using your ICSC user ID and password and click on the “University Registration” and or “University Participation” link to make updates.

  • Indicate which competition(s) (role-play and/or sales management case) your school will compete in. A university may compete in either or both (two undergraduate competitors are required for each.
  • The deadline to complete profiles to include name, shirt size, email address, and cell phone numbers for ALL students is October 4th.
  • When your students are actually registered, it is essential that you provide EACH student’s email address and cell phone number. All students will receive role-play judging forms via email  IF their correct email address is provided.
  •  You can modify your profile and add or change the names of competitors or additional students at any time up until October 4th.
  • Invoicing for the Sales Management Case Competitors will be sent once determined on April 29th.
  • Final invoicing for additional students that have been added will be sent shortly after the close of Registration (October 4th)

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November 2 – 5, 2022

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