Speed Selling Rules and Selections

See the Competitors and Coaches Guide for Complete Rules

Speed Interviewing Event

See agenda for date and start time.

 The purpose of the speed interviewing competition is to demonstrate professional speaking and presentation skills.

The process:

  1. Two competitors from each university may participate. If extra seats are available beyond the 2 per university, universities will be able to register additional NON-POINT-EARNING alternates until all slots are filled. Although alternates do not earn CWCS points they are competing for the cash scholarship prizes.
  2. Each competitor selects, in priority order their 4 top choices of companies from the list of registered sponsors.
  3. A link will be provided by Monday, October 12th where competitors can register and pick their companies.
  4. Approximately one week before the event, each competitor will receive an email with the links to the Zoom meetings for each of their four companies.
  5. Check into your first Zoom meeting at 4:30 PM Eastern time. When you check into a Zoom room, you will go into a waiting room and the judge will let each competitor in one at a time. To avoid long waits AND the possibility of your score being lost. GO TO EACH SPONSOR’S ZOOM IN THE EXACT ORDER GIVEN TO YOU.
  6. The sponsor will in turn let one competitor into the meeting at a time, listen to that competitor’s elevator speech, release the competitor from the room, submit that competitor’s score and then call the next competitor into the Zoom room.
  7. The objective is to get an appointment for a job or internship
  8. Competitors should find out as much as possible about the company and the job/internships being advertised.  All companies can be found at https://icsc-fsu.com/jobs/
  9. The competitor then prepares and practice a 60-90 second introductory elevator speech given to the company representative at the event for each of the 4 companies selected. The speech should introduce the competitor, their major and graduation The presentation should consist of what they have learned about the company that is of interest and what skills or knowledge the competitor has that brings value to the company.
  10. The judging criteria is on the ICSC web site.
  11. The competitors with the top 10 scores will go to Round 2
  12. Round 2 will occur on Saturday morning starting at 8:30 AM in a Zoom room open to any observers who request access. Round 2 will consist of an online 90 second elevator speech seeking a job interview with the host final company, Assured Partners.

Scholarships provided by Assured Partners

  • First place  -­‐ $1,000
  • Second place -­‐ $750
  • Third place  -­‐ $500

Speed Selling Competition Criteria


Item 0 5 10 15
Name, graduation date
Benefits derived from hiring you as a graduate f a sales program
Creatively linked the content related to the company and its products to value provided by you as a new hire
Included a “Call to action” to proceed to the next step in the hiring process
A flowing discussion, not scripted or mechanical
Appropriate eye contact and lack of distracting body movements
Words clearly spoken and a tempo neither too fast or too slow
Demonstrated strength and confidence
Correct pronunciation and grammar
No filler words such as  “ums”, “you knows” “actually” , etc


World Cup Points

Points earned towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales per competitor is as follows:

Round 1 Points Go to Case Round 2
Top 10 50 Yes
200 or more total points 25 No
Below 200 0
Round 2 Points
First 50
Second 45
Third 40
Fourth 35
Fifth 30
Sixth 25
Seventh 20
Eighth 15
Ninth 10
Tenth 5

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