Sponsor Logistics

Attendee Registration

All sponsor companies and primary contact are pre-registered.  As the primary contact, please click on the “My Profile” link on the right and check all the entries. Be sure to check the box indicating whether or not you are personally attending. Then when you know the names and contact information for other attendees, click on the “Additional Attendees” link on the right and enter all the required information. Only registered attendees will have access to the career fair, meeting areas or role-play areas. Registration Deadline is Monday, October 4th.


During the Set Sail Career Fair, a rotation of infomercials will be played on a continuous circuit and can consist of a video, preferred, or a series of PowerPoint slides. To include your company, send a 2-3 minute video in .mp4 format (sound is permitted) to styoung@business.fsu.edu by Monday, August 16th.

Updates and Revisions to Company Information

Review the Career Opportunities page and the Sales Internship page to confirm your information is accurate. Following the current format, please send any corrections and or updates to styoung@business.fsu.edu.

Has your logo changed or are you a new Company sponsor? Only send NEW logos to styoung@business.fsu.edu. If your logo has not changed, please do not resubmit.

All changes should be submitted by Monday, September 27th.

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