Sponsor Registration 2023

Once your ICSC sponsorship is confirmed, your company will be  preregistered and a “profile” of company information added. Check and modify your company profile as necessary. To register attendees use the “Attendee Registration” form link below.  To maximize your investment in time and your company’s investment in dollars, ICSC recommends at a minimum of five and overall, 10 attendees participate in ICSC for the full duration of the Competition and Career Fair. Ask each attendee to read the short set of suggestions in this article, “Maximize the ROI on Your ICSC Investment”. Click on the link to download the article.

Click here to add attendees (Attendee Registration form) – please complete all fields. Registration Deadline is Monday, October 2nd.

All attendees are asked to judge at least one role-play or sales management case round. However, anyone can judge as many rounds of both competitions as desired but not two rounds in a row.

Note that only registered attendees will have access to the career fair, and judging areas.

Be sure to complete the arrival and departing times entry areas, email and cell number for each participant as it is essential. This information is used to schedule judging times and in case an attendee needs to be contacted about a judging score. All information is deleted at the end of the event.

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October 30 – November 3, 2024


Florida State University Sales Institute