How To Register for SMS

Sales Management Simulation – SMS – Getting Started

You have been selected as the person who will enter your team’s SMS decisions. You can get help from any of your student teammates but we ask that all faculty and coaches not not be involved in the decision-making.

  1. Read the Participant’s Guide
  2. Did I mention read the Participants Guide
  3. Look at the other training material at
  4. The videos may be especially helpful
  5. You will receive an email from the ICSC SMS coordinator with your Discount coupon code that makes this one access free for the ICSC event. Save that code UNTIL
  6. You receive an email similar to this from Wessex…
  7. Click on Make a Payment link and you will get the following screen.
  8. Click on Continue to payment and get the following screen.
  9. Click on Pay NOW. You will shortly get the following screen. Be sure to click on ACTIVATE and STARTING ON MONDAY EVENING 3/29 you will have access to enter your first set of decisions WHICH MUST BE ENTERED BY 6 PM ON 3/31. See the dates for each set of decisions at this link.


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