ICSC Overview – Oct. 30 – Nov. 2, 2024

The product sponsor for ICSC 2024 is DLL.  See the “DLL Training” link for more information about the company and the product being sold for 2024.

The prospect company for ICSC 2024 is Tom James.  Visit the Role-Play Overview tab for scenarios and additional event details.

The Collegiate World Cup of Sales is the ultimate measure of a University sales program’s focus on overall business revenue generating skills:

The Collegiate World Cup of Sales

The university with the highest total points for all events receives a permanent plaque, plus displays the ICSC Collegiate World Cup Trophy for the year.


University registration is closed.  However, corporations interested in recruiting from among the top collegiate sales programs in the nation, click here.

Get an overview of the entire event and why students are so excited to participate in ICSC.

Competing universities will earn points in each event and the university accumulating the most overall points will be awarded the Collegiate World Cup of Sales. See the results of ICSC 2023 here.

A Short Summary of Each Event

The role-play event is a four-round, tournament style competition where, for rounds one and two, the top two competitors from each room (flight) move on to the next round and in round 3 the top competitor from each room moves to the final round. The product for 2024 is DLL . The role-play scenario is similar to a real complex selling situation where needs are developed in early meetings leading to a solution presentation and final purchase decision. The scenario always includes some aspect of international business.

The on-site sales management case is a two-round event where two competitors working as a team are given a specific sales management situation related to a sales operations challenge at ReliaQuest and asked to present a realistic, effective solution to the issue.  For round two, finalists are presented with additional information about the issue and teams are asked to refine their presentation for a final presentation to executives from ReliaQuest.

The speed selling event consists of two rounds of “elevator speech” type presentations. In round one competitors will pitch themselves in a tournament-style setting to a single company–Dexian. In round two, the top 20 competitors present to the speed selling host company in a public audience setting. This year, the finalists will be speed selling as if they represent Dexian and are trying to attract a new prospect for Dexian.

Community Involvement – ICSC’s Social Legacy Project requests that everyone in attendance bring a non-perishable food item which will be donated to charity. There will be approximately 600 people in attendance, and we are excited about the footprint this could potentially make. Each university can earn up to 25 points towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales by making a donation. See the Competitors Guide for details.

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November 5 – 8, 2025

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