Warm Call Event

The objective if the Warm Calling event is to get the appointment for round 1 of the role-play. The scenario will involve an inquiry from the CSO of Virgin Voyages, Steve Worling, who had downloaded a Reliaquest whitepaper about GreyMatter.

Click here for the complete scenario.

Here is the Warm-call judging metric

This is a preliminary event where every university can accumulate points towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales. The calls will start on October 18th and be completed no later than October 29th.   Registering your role-play students for the role-play competition will automatically register them for the Warm Call Event. On October 15th, all registered role-play competitors will receive an appointment date and time to make their initial call. There are 20 flights which means, 10 competitors will call a specific sponsor representative who will judge and rank all 10 competitors (tournament style.)

The maximum time for the call  is 10 minutes.  After the last competitor has completed their warm call, a level setting, “Here is what really happen in the warm call” document will be released to all competitors. This is the basis for the Round 1 and Wild-Card role plays.

The points earned towards the Collegiate World Cup of Sales are as follows:

Place in your flight in your room Points
First 100
Second 75
All others 50

Florida State University Sales Institute