The ICSC Speed Selling Competition

Get Ready to Sell Yourself!

The purpose of the speed selling competition is to demonstrate professional speaking and presentation skills to potential employers.

Click Here to See the Speed Selling Score Sheet

The process for the Speed Selling competition is as follows:

  1. Two competitors from each university can participate. If extra slots are available, universities may register additional NON-POINT-EARNING alternates until all slots are filled. Although alternates do not earn team points, they are competing individually for the cash scholarship prizes.
  2. In October, each competitor selects their top four choices from the list of registered sponsors. An email will be sent to coaches to facilitate this selection.
  3. Before the event, competitors should research the companies and the jobs/internships being advertised.  All companies can be found at The objective is to get an appointment for a job or internship.
  4. Competitors prepare and practice a 90 second (max) elevator speech given to company representatives for each of the four companies selected. The speech should incorporate the criteria found in the Speed Selling Score Sheet found here.
  5. Approximately one week prior to the event,  each competitor will receive the sequence in which they are to see their chosen companies. At the conclusion of the Wednesday welcome event, each speed selling competitor will be asked to move to their first company. Once everyone is in place, the timing official will say “Begin.” After 90 seconds, the judges will finish scoring that first competitor. Subsequent competitors will start when the timing official indicates.
  6. The competitors with the top 10 scores will go to the Speed Selling Final Round Saturday morning starting around 8:30 AM.
  7. The Speed Selling Final Round will consist of a 90 second elevator speech seeking a job interview with a company indicated in an email sent to the 10 finalists.

Florida State University Sales Institute