ICSC Registration

October 30 – November 2, 2024

Use this link to download the “Competitors’ and Coaches Guide” for full information about each event, rules and eligibility.

The registration fee is $175 each for two role-play competitors and $350 for the team of two sales management case competitors.  For additional students, the registration fee is $125.

ALL students MUST pay a registration fee no matter their title or role ex. student coach. The ONLY students that do not have to pay are graduate students and student coaches for teams that have no other coach. The two types of students should be listed in the University Registration Form with the appropriate title. ALL other students should be listed in the University Participation form as an additional student.

Registration fees are due on receipt of invoice. Any school that has not paid by April 30th relinquishes participation in the Competition and will be replaced by a school on the wait list. Registration fees will not be reimbursed for cancellations made after Wednesday, September 4th. Please see the Cancellation Policy, below, for more details.

You will be notified when your profile is ready for additional information including names of competitors and additional attendees. Log in using your assigned ICSC username and password and click on the “University Registration”. The University Registration form should be updated immediately with contact information and should be kept current throughout the duration of the registration process. Once you log in, the form will time out if left idle for a period of time.

Step-by-Step Registration Directions – Printable       
Step-by-Step Registration Directions – Video

From here you can also click the “University Participation” link to make updates on student participation.

  • Indicate which competition(s) (role-play and/or sales management case) your school was accepted to compete in. A university may compete in either or both (two undergraduate competitors are required for each). Due to popularity, this is determined on a first come first serve basis and the final determination will be sent in the initial email to the faculty coach.
  • The deadline to complete the University Participation profile to include name, shirt size, email address, and cell phone numbers for ALL students is September 30th.
  • When your students are actually registered, it is essential that you provide EACH student’s email address and cell phone number. All students will receive role-play judging forms via email  IF their correct email address is provided.
  • Please send student resumes and signed Photo Release Forms to salesmarketingeducation@gmail.com. A signed Photo Release Form is also required from all attendees. A signed Photo Release Form, Professionalism Pledge and resume is required per student. All resumes and forms are due by September 30th. Resumes are required to be sent in PDF format.
  •  You can modify your profile and add or change the names of competitors or additional students at any time up to September 30th.
  • Final invoicing for additional students that have been added will be sent shortly after the close of Registration (September 30th). Unless the final number of students is determined by the school in advance and an invoice is requested.

University Responsibility

It is the participating university’s responsibility to keep the online registration system updated.

The University Registration form should be kept updated from the time of acceptance into the Competition.

If you leave your position, it is your responsibility to update the online registration form with the new contact information and provide the new contact with the university’s credentials. If a permanent replacement has not been found, it is perfectly fine to have someone take on the role temporarily (typically the Department Chair).

If your form is not kept up to date, you take the risk of your University getting dropped from the Competition for unresponsiveness.

Please understand that this is the largest sales competition in the world so again it is the participating university’s responsibility to keep their online registration forms up to date at all times. ICSC will make a telephone and email attempt to contact the participating university.

Cancellation Policy

Participating Universities must cancel by September 4th to receive a refund of registration fees. All refund requests must be received in writing. Please send refund requests by email to styoung@fsu.edu.

If the ICSC is cancelled by the Sales and Marketing Education Foundation, Inc. (SMEF) we will refund registration fees.

If paid by credit card, the service company may keep a small percentage but SMEF refunds 100% through the system.


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