Sponsor Cheat-Sheets

Here are links to all sponsor material for Fall 2020 ICSC

Link to all participants’ resumes  Adding resumes daily as we receive them.  LOG-IN REQUIRED

All judging is done using Qualtrics online forms. The following are provided for reference use only.

Round 1 and Wild-Card

Round 2 and 3

Final Round (4)

Here is a practice Round 1 Qualtrics judging sheet. Try it.  Works great on your phone.

Practice Round 1 Qualtrics Judging Form

Short video instructions for each event. If you are participating in an event please watch that event’s video for managing access to students.

Everyone please watch this one minute video on starting a Zoom, changing hosts and screen sharing.

Career Fair Participants Video

Career Fair Procedure

Role-Play Judges and Buyers  Logistics Video

How to judge a role play (round 1 and wild-card)

How to judge a role-play (round 2 and 3)

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