ICSC 2021 DISNEY Trip WINNER – Tyler Cleven

I was in shock when I heard that I won the trip to Disney. I went to Disney when I was young. I did not remember much from that trip and I was thrilled to experience it again. We decided to spend our time at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Universal Studios.

To start, we went to Magic Kingdom the day that we arrived in Orlando. The park was absolutely magnificent. We rode many rides and enjoyed the Disney experience. My favorite ride at this park was Big Thunder Mountain.

The next day we went to Universal Studios. I have been there before, but did not realize how much it had changed. We walked around feeling like we were in the movies such as Harry Potter, Transformers, and Despicable Me.

We ended our trip at Epcot. This was one of our favorite parts of the trip. We went on many rides at the park which was awesome. Although, the highlight was walking around the different countries. We got different food and drinks in each of these countries and Epcot made it feel like we were there. Our favorite countries were Japan where we got sushi and Germany.

Overall, this was a magical trip. Thanks again to the International Collegiate Sales Competition. This will be a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.

~Tyler Cleven, Iowa State University

Florida State University Sales Institute