The ICSC Role-Play Competition

The ICSC 2024 Role Play Sponsor: DLL

The role-play product for ICSC 2024 is DLL Clean Technology Financing.   This year the entire role-play competition is based upon a potential sale to Tom James Company .

Download the 2024 Role-Play Round 1 and Wild-Card Scenarios here.
Download the 2024 Role-Play Round 2 Scenario here. (Released after the Wild Card Round)
Download the 2024 Role-Play Round 3 Scenario here. (Released after Round 2)


Round 1A/1B: Needs Identification sales meeting with a new prospective company. (Thursday – 15 minutes)

 Wild-Card Round WC-A/WC–B: Needs Identification sales meeting – a repeat of Round 1 (with some changes) for those who do not advance from Round 1. (Thursday – 15 minutes)

Click here for the Round 1 and Wild-Card judging metric

Round 2 – A sales meeting to further define the needs, present solutions and develop a path to commitment with a second “Influencer” at the same company. (Friday – 20 minutes) 

Round 3 – A sales meeting with someone else involved in the decision – possibly the final decision maker. (Friday – 20 minutes).

Click here for the Round 2 and Round 3 judging metric.

Final Round – A sales meeting that may involve a final decision maker or that may require a solution to a problem that arose based on a final decision in Round 3. The final scenario is handed to each finalist 20 minutes before their scheduled role-play time.   (Saturday – 20 minutes).

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Rules and Procedure – For complete rules and student eligibility, see the Competitor’s and Coaches Guide. Students compete individually in the role play competition and as a university team. Points earned in the role play competition add to the Collegiate World Cup of Sales total.

At the end of each round (Wild-Card, Round 2 and Round 3), a document will be released which summarizes the facts that should have been uncovered in that round. This will allow all competitors moving on to the next round to start with the same information.

The role-play competition runs simultaneously with the sales management case competition, so individual competitors may only compete in one or the other.

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