Set Sale on Your Career

For All Registered Participants – Earn points towards personal big prizes and earn Collegiate World Cup Points for Your University. The registered participant with the most career fair points wins transportation for two from their home location to Orlando, Florida, a 4-night 3-day stay at the Caribe Resort in Orlando for two and two 3-day Disney park tickets. In case of a tie, a drawing will be held. Click here for a list of all the prizes.

Read about the 2021 Disney winner at this link.

Read about the 2020 Disney winner at this link.

 The ICSC Career Fair will consist of 7-minute Zoom private video interactions by set appointments. Appointments will commence at 9:00 AM on Wednesday, November 10 and the last appointment will be at 4:50 PM that day. Here is the link where you can select the sponsors you want to meet and select one of the available specific times.

Select companies to meet

To earn points, the sponsor representative must judge the interaction as professional. Every student attendee has one of three very good reasons why they should interact with as many sponsors as possible.

  • You are actively seeking a career starting position or internship.
  • You are in an exploration phase and considering a direction.
  • You already have a starting position with some company but have the responsibility of bringing information back to those students in you sales program who did not attend ICSC.

Learn about the sponsors of ICSC, their products and industry and the opportunities they offer by  checking out their opportunities at

Visit at least 7 of the sponsors and clearly and professionally demonstrate one of the above three reasons for gathering information about their opportunities. If the sponsor feels it was both earnest and professional, they will give you one of your minimum 70 “Professionalism” points.

  1. The number of individual points earned is 10 for each rating of “Professional” from an attending sponsor company. That means you can earn only 10 points per company.
  2. “Professional” means you are dress professionally, your background is neat and clean (no unmade beds) – a good Zoom background is best.  And you clearly demonstrate you know the company, its products and communicate one of the three reasons above for your discussion.
  3. These points do not count until you have earned a minimum of 70 points (10 points from 7 different companies.) But, you can earn more  by seeing other companies.
  4. Be careful booking appointments – miss just one appointment and you are out of the running for prizes.

Collegiate World Cup of Sales points depends on the percentage participation by attendees from a university.  For example:

  • If your university has 3 participants and they all get ratings of “Professional” from 7 different sponsors, that is 100% participation and your university is awarded 200 World Cup points.
  • If your university has 6 participants, but only 3 get ratings of “Professional” from 7 different sponsors, that is 50% participation and your university is awarded 50% of the 200 points which is 100 World Cup points.

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